Night Song of Trees

As the last lamp ofthe town snuggles itselfunder covers to sleep,moon begins his night patrolupon the high branchesof dense trees,with high beam flashlightsand hushed footfallshe reaches there slashingthick misty vaults. All the leaves adorna dewy silver robeto please the nightjar,who is busy catching thewinged paramour hoveringaround the scented beauties.The beams tiptoeinto whistling thrush’s hutwho makes … Continue reading Night Song of Trees


There’s a sack ofgrain you carry on yourshouldersevery morningand try to fill itas much as possible.You keep spinningon the wheelwhich drags youinto the mire and dust.At the end of the dayyou return all soiled,stressed, exhausted, lonely,slipping away from life. There’s no fire escapewhen one is caughtin the ceaseless feverwhich eclipsesthe consciousnessand keeps reeling onein the … Continue reading Transcendence

Flow of Time

Time! Like a riverflows continuouslyin one directionat its own pace.The water that passesunder our feet oncewill never flow back again. We sit by the shoreaccumulating broken reedsand dead leaves. At the same time,the bright saffron orbsets the earth and sky aflamein soft pastel hues of twilight,a flamboyance of flamingoswings away to the infinite,a bumblebee buzzesmerrily … Continue reading Flow of Time

Searching Solace amidst pandemic

I try to focusentirely on the beautifulmoments,reminiscing how bluejaysmade love to the bluebellsin vernal breeze,but I keep losing it.My mind keepsflickering to the turbulencecaused by the spiky monsterin my tranquil stream. He is destroyingmy homeland of happy memories.There are tears of blood;Every flower is withering,every soul is sufferingwhile he strangles themand thrives.This multifaceted monsterhas some … Continue reading Searching Solace amidst pandemic

Moments of luminosity

Pale crimson twilightbleaches like a fabrictainted with the blue-greymatte shade.The flowers and plantsin the balcony all dye themselvesin that dim drabness. The clock dutifullychimes to the change in shift,scribbling quick notes,sunshine butterflies pack their toolsto leave the unfinished workfor the next shift. The night travels fastlike a speedboatin the cobalt blue ocean.It sprays its black … Continue reading Moments of luminosity

The Monk

Peepal treeis shedding allits possessionsaccumulatedsince long,the detached leavesgo downone after the otherlike discarded fineries,floating like kitesupon the fingers of air. Now it stands unadorned,exposedto sun and rainand smacks of storm,no apparel to coverits scars,no bird song tobreak the echoesof silencesusurrating in stillness. Some yellow leavesstill hold onto their twigslike a child clingsto his mother.But their … Continue reading The Monk

Alchemy of love

Spring breeze blowsits sweet breathover the emerald canopies,their little red flamesscatterlike syllablesof a familiar name,strewn on the grassy turf. I walkas if walkingon a memory,lingering in my subconscious,alive and throbbing. We are one earth,originated from same dust,same metals make our body,same river of eternity runsin our blood,we carry a part of the universewithin us,we float … Continue reading Alchemy of love


She nourishessimultaneouslycountless of themwho open their mouths widehungrily at birthto suckle on hermeagre breasts.Their mouths greedilywidening even morewith time.She’s become so frail,her mutilated verdant apparelbarely covers her.She’s helpless with herdisfigured bosomand fractured limbs. Choking on her disabilityto withstandthe increasing pressure,her lungs are collapsingin the incessant sooty smoke,all shriveled and spent. She’s beenthe tree of eternal … Continue reading Nurturer

Forgotten Flame

I’m all alonelost my boat,lost my lampin the midst of darknessand the turbulenceof thoughtswhich keep tossing mefrom one wave to another,the endlessstorm rages within. I hear my forced breathknow that I’m still aliveand my heart stillpalpitating to some unknowndreary rhythm.But where is the boat?Where is the light?Or will the darkblindfold my eyesforever? Sightless,I keep rotatingin … Continue reading Forgotten Flame


Your love blossomslike the immaculate flowersin the darknessthat unfoldlike lips hangingon an invisible bough.Elusive you are,yet I know the scentthat rains fromthe mirthin your eyes. I don’t knowwhere you come from,our trajectories crosssomewherein the vaults of sky,destined for each other,away from worldly burdenswhere we threadthe gossamer fabricof our fantasies inthe castle of another world,known only … Continue reading Soulmates