Haunted by the Undead Voices

I’m unable to move, some bony manacles clutch my feet firmly fixing me at a spot. Skeletal things that can’t be seen, buried underground keep pulling me down to the place of vermin and leeches. They smoke ancient weeds puffing out poison to cloud my thoughts. I can’t see far hallucinated by their emissions. My … Continue reading Haunted by the Undead Voices


Listening Deep to the Inaudible Sounds

The flute I hear throbs in my veins, in the soft sensation of a caramel murmur swirling all over me in helical circles. Penetrating my thoughts, gripping my heart, coursing through my blood, hypnotizing me in its inescapable allure. I wonder how this euphony flowed into my concealed obsidian castle forbidden to all. Captivating my … Continue reading Listening Deep to the Inaudible Sounds